While Lot of investors have started discussing about recent rally in silver / Gold in last few weeks. While both are moving upwards, many want to see Silver begin to outperform Gold. Further, some are claiming that the bad days for Precious Metal bulls are finally coming to an end, but there is also data to show that long-term holders of these assets are using the recent spike to book out their investments, giving a hint that they may not believe this rally can continue in coming times . Gold believers (and Silver bulls) are seemingly always believers that the next big uptrend is just around the corner, so will the Silver/gold will be great investment in coming times?

We have shared chart of the week on 26 April with you about Does silver will shine in coming months ? Silver Moved 11% in last 3 months !

Silver has broke last many years downtrend in weekly chart.

Does This trend is getting started ? Many investors are thinking same , Let have look at historical Gold/silver ratio to understand why silver may outperform gold in coming times ?

So, we know that Silver looks good. But what traders/investors really want to know is what about the ratio of Gold prices to Silver prices? For many, this is the true barometer for sustainable strength in Precious Metals.

Gold/Silver ratio is at all time high. It mean silver is under performing gold at worst level since last 20 years.

When zooming out to a three-decade chart, we can see that this ratio is still very well near its 3 decade lows, leaving lots of upside potential. However, it could very well be just another short-term spike, as we saw in 2016:

However, I’m not quite sure that there is a trend change in place…yet. If we can get over this rally sustain over next few weeks, then I believe we may be looking at something big over next 2-3 year in silver ! Whenever Silver has outperformed gold for few months, It has been great rally in precious metal and it had become outperform asset compare to other asset class !

By the way As Indian Our love for Gold & precious metals are forever 🙂

I will be looking for your view on precious metals ! What do you think about this opportunity ? Let me know on whatsapp

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