I was going through historical trend in nifty small cap , nifty midcap & Nifty 50. As You know that money keep flowing from one sector to other sector or different asset class. How does hedge fund or portfolio manager invest? They focus on where is good risk:reward & which asset class can outperform other?

As I was going through relative performance of Nifty small cap compare to nifty 50. It has been in range of 2008 bear market period. Historically if you see such periods, after such period small cap & midcap has outperformed nifty for next 2-3 year. Will it repeat this time? That time will answer but Evidence is suggesting that there is higher probability we will see outperformance from small cap & midcap.

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Midcap vs Nifty 50 – Underperformance of last 4 year

Nifty Midcap next rally should be above 5610 tgt 8400 cmp 5065

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