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#Knowledge: Trading to Win vs. Trading to Not Lose

Once upon a time, three people each gave $100,000 to a money manager in what they hoped would be a highly profitable venture. The money management firm adhered to a carefully tested trend-following methodology. It set up separate accounts for each client and managed each of the accounts identically. Risk never exceeded 3.5% of capital on any market traded, and the average historical loss per losing trade was under 2%.

The second client was also hoping for above-average returns on her $100,000 investment. As soon as she received her monthly brokerage statements, she quickly opened them to see how well her account was doing. For four months in a row, she watched her account balance grow from $100,000 to $170,000. Needless to say, she was thrilled.

Then, however, things seemed to change. Over the next two months, she watched her account balance fall from $170,000 to $161,500 and then to $133,000. That $37,000 drop in two months really spooked her. She called the manager and closed her account, walking away with $137,000.

The third client was different. He had a lot of time on his hands and was computer literate. He loved the idea that he could check his account online anytime, 24 hours a day. Since he was home most of the time, that’s exactly what he did.

As he watched his account day after day, however, he became nervous. So, instead of checking his account daily, he decided he’d better watch it at least two or three times a day. Sometimes he’d see nothing at all; other days, he’d see his balance change dramatically. Although his account was up another $20,000 at the end of the month, he found the movement in his account to be intolerable. He called the manager, closed the account, and walked away with $140,000.

#Knowledge :

#Knowledge :

Wisely explained…

“Timing the share markets”
I attended a Party, recently, with a gathering of about 300 people and sat in the front row.
A Lady started distributing snacks from the “back row” and unfortunately, it didn’t get to us sitting in the “front row.”
Another Lady started handing out Drinks, from the “front row.” But, by then, I had already moved to the “Back row.” and, so, the drink didn’t get to me.
I was irritated and stood up to leave.
But, then, I saw three ladies each with A Big Bowl of vegetable Manchurian dry. This time, I tried to be Wise by sitting in the “Middle row.” One of the Ladies started the sharing from the Front, and the second Lady started distributing from the back. When they got to the middle row where I was seated, it got over again!
Feeling frustrated, I bent my head, putting my Face in My Hands.
But, then, the third Lady tapped me and held out her Bowl.
I stretched out my Hand and guess what was in the Bowl?

“Don’t try to Position yourself and time the markets. If you are disciplined and patient, then, good returns will come to you automatically sooner or later.”
“Otherwise, you will wrongfully position yourself for Toothpicks Only!!!”

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