Is it Bubble? What does bubble mean? Bubble means The majority of your lifetime investment returns will be determined by decisions that take place during a small minority of the time. And most of this time comes when some one start imaging that he knew everything in the market.

As market has 3 stages of traders , 1. high losses – low profits, 2. low losses – low profits 3. low losses – high profits. Every investors or traders all are working in this 3 stages. As some will get out them selves in just 1st stage and some will fight till end with their emotions. To understand about 3 stages of traders : Click here.

So as we discussed about bubble, Bubble can be anywhere. As it can be in any sector, or any particular stock. as if you have seen in 2000 year as at that time bubble effect was in IT industries. how you’ll know where is bubble? When you find every is OK around you. then you should understand that there is something wrong around you but you are not able to watch it. Another Important thing is Bubbles are like most up and down of a political parties. Where we’ll almost loose our game.

Key Take Away :

-Majority of your life time return decided by this time.

-Does high valuation is cause of bubble? Does it is a myth?

-How to identify bubble?

-Investors behavior during bubble time. 

-Secure your self from Bubble

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