Which company to work with in stock market is one question which perhaps has no right answer?

Retail traders are frustrated working with the existing more than 3000 advisory/analyst/brokerage firms in the market.

They are struggling due to the following reasons:

  • They are not getting proper service. Nobody is available to help them when they get into any market related panic situation.
  • They are not able to trust any firm as they are being fooled and nobody is taking any responsibility.
  • They are losing their hard earned money.
  • Lot of them has left the market though they are still very much interested to be in the market.
  • They have also lost the conviction about this point that no one can make money in the market.

This issue has given birth to various other impactful adverse outcomes like –

  • People do not consider it a serious business.
  • Mostly are gambling in the market.
  • A small proportion of only 1% of the entire national population is into this business.
  • For many it’s complex and hence they want to stay away from it.

The scenario is worse than this which we can’t even imagine however this sector has started going through changes. Lot of good start ups and financial units has started entering in the industry.

These are few ways which you can use as a checklist to decide which one you should start working with:

  • If the vision of the company is matching your dreams.
  • If they are talking about Long Term stay in the market as stock market investments have proven records to be less risky in the long run.
  • If you can trade with the real traders not adviser/analyst/brokers. Advisers/analyst/brokers work on the basis of predictions. Also they don’t invest their own money so don’t feel the pain of losses which you go through investing on the basis of their guidance.
  • If the company is caring about its client. They are wonderful service provider. The company which can’t support its clients especially when it is related to the people’s hard earned money is going to be proved a big trouble for you some day.
  • A firm which educates you before helping you with its products so that in future you should not feel that you had made the wrong decision.

Niftymillionaire is also one of them which are helping more than 1600 club members as of today. It is serving an amazing mission – to help middle class to be Financially Free so that in future they can afford the life of their choice.

The main USPs of Niftymillionaire is following:

  • Selected product – We don’t want to confuse you.
  • One Entry, One Exit – you don’t need to keep looking at market to check the target always
  • We also invest in the market with you so we lose when you lose and you also gain when we gain. Check our Fund performance (niftymillionaire.com/track-record)
  • Only 15-20 minutes per month behind your trading life
  • Real Trading Contract Notes are uploaded – the best instrument to check the real trade uploaded on our track record space.
  • Same price and same discount (if being offered) for everyone. Check (niftymillionaire.com/pricing)
  • The only firm which is working on the changing mind set of the traders. Your mindset plays 70% role to make you a successful trader.
  • We have got highest online content (video/reading material) which focuses on the Trading temperament and behaviour. Check (niftymillionaire.com/webinar-financial-freedom)


Trading is a journey not a destination. It’s a whole some process not a profit making system. How you are going to make your journey interesting, how you want to evolve as a trader out of this process is mostly into your hand.

Frankly speaking, it’s you who is going to help Niftymillionaire to be a world class trader’s community.


Author: Abishek Raaman

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