People don’t like it when I tell them we’re near the beginning of a new bull market in Gold. For many different reason, they prefer that cozy feeling of thinking stocks are near an important high, and How can gold be bullish? We have written last year why Silver is great investment for investors? Its up 20% & above in 6 months !

Anyway, let’s take a look at the markets so I can show you why I think we’re closer to the beginning of a new bull market and not near the end of an old one:

S&p 500 Relative to Gold has been failed break out of last 3 years downtrend. This is sign of getting relative strength compare to equities.

We want to be buyers of Gold in any weakness and If you want to buy in strength , Gold should close above 1590 US $ on monthly basis. We want to be buyer in gold till it is closing above 1590 US $ on above side.

Price pays. Nothing else.

So we begin and end our entire process with the study of price. why we would not?

If we’re below those trend lines we’ve all agreed are bullish in gold, how can we not be buying gold ?

I will be looking for your view on precious metals ! What do you think about this opportunity ? Let me know on whatsapp

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