As year have started I was looking all global market & indian sectors over last few days, I found relative strength in nifty financial compare to broader market. I see lot of good risk-adjusted reward opportunity !

Axisbank is coming out of 3 year base and making all time high. it has not touched oversold levels and hitting up over bought again and again ! This all evidence show that Axis bank should be long untill it is closing abv 652 with short term tgt 710+ & mid term tgt 805

I See till price is above 652 , i will be long ! I feel lot of guys will be worried about whipsaw that if it will hit sl and come again above 652 ? what to do? Sometime great trade give you such whipsaw but its a part of process to get risk adjusted opportunities over a long period. Dont shy to get back in if whipsaw occur. You should keep in mind the plan how you should trade. Why does this whipsaw happen ? Because as you have seen such opportunities in axis bank , there are lot of other people also involved in such opportunity , Market sometime try to hurt many people before to start new trend. You need to be more Discipline as trader to follow process to bring outcome what you always wished !

We will reevaluate our long bias if momentum regime turned bearish otherwise Give me your feedback or view at cs at

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