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Hey traders, LeBron can teach you a thing or two about how to rebound from losses and keep growing:

“I try to put myself in a mental state of, ‘How do I learn from that defeat? How do I learn from that loss?’” — LeBron James

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Once Buddha was traveling with a few of his followers. While they were passing a lake, he told one of his disciples, “I am thirsty. Do get me some water from the lake.

The disciple walked up to the lake. At that moment, a peasant brought his buffalo to the lake and started bathing it making the water very muddy and turbid. The disciple thought, “How can I give this muddy water to Lord Buddha to drink?”

So he came back and told Buddha, “The water in there is very muddy. I don’t think it is fit to drink.”After about half an hour, again Buddha asked the same disciple to go back to the lake.

The disciple went back and found that the water was still muddy. He returned and informed Buddha about the same.

After sometime, again Buddha asked the same disciple to go back.

This time, the disciple found the mud had settled down, and the water was clean and clear. So he collected some water in a pot and brought it to Buddha.

Buddha looked at the water, and then he looked up at the disciple and said,
” See what you did to make the water clean. You let it be, and the mud settled down on its own and you have clear water.

“Your mind is like that too. When it is disturbed, just let it be. Give it a little time. It will settle down on its own. You don’t have to put in an effort to calm it down. It will happen. It is effortless.”


*Having ‘Peace of Mind’ is not a strenuous job; it is an effortless process!*

” Treat everyone with politeness; even those who are rude to you; not because they are bad……but because you are good.

The Gift

One day Buddha was walking through a village. A very angry and rude young man came up to him and started insulting him.

“you have no right to teach others!!!” he shouted.
“you are as stupid as everyone else here. you are nothing but a fake saint.”

Buddha was not upset by his insults. He just smiled.

The man insulted him again and again but the only reaction he could get back was a smile and silence. Finally, he stomped his feet and left cursing.

The disciples were very angry and one of them couldn’t keep quiet and asked Buddha
“Why didn’t you replied to the rude man?”

Buddha replied, “If someone gives you a gift and you refuse to accept it, to whom does the gift belong?”
“of course to the person who brought the gift” – replied the disciple.
“that is correct ” smiled the Buddha.

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“Free yourself from the illusion of good and bad days. Labeling time makes us nostalgic of the past and demanding of the future. There is only here and now. Let it be.”

~ Ram Dass

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