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#Actionableideas: Mr. Pratik Patel himself sharing his lifelong learning…

I would like to share my learning of Decade on such days where everything around u pessimism. Those who stay rational & take Disciplines approach. This time create a difference between professional & amateur! Jo investment or trade max pain deta hain that, trade have given me max profit in my career. 10 out 8 times this has happened. Let’s see what’s in store this time!


If you want results, you have to let go of the results and only focus the process. This is one of the greatest paradoxes there is, and it’s the same in trading, meditation, sports, you name it.


“Good traders have a special talent for trading just as good musicians and good athletes have talents for their fields. Great traders are ones who are absorbed by the talent. They don’t have the talent — the talent has them.”


Seek out companies with the greatest potential for earnings growth. Companies growing revenues at a rapid pace are your best choice. Look for new emerging trends that can translate into mass expansion: trends that are scalable. Concentrate on entrepreneurially managed companies with exciting things going on (a catalyst), and you’ll eventually latch on to some big winners. The current P/E ratio at which a company trades is only a minor consideration compared with the potential for earnings growth. Growth stocks are driven by growth.


#Knowledge: Charlie Munger On Trading

“Obviously if you want to get good at something which is competitive, you have to think about it and practice a lot. You have to keep learning because [the] world keeps changing and competitors keep learning. You have to go to bed wiser than you got up. As you try to master what you are trying to do – people who do that almost never fail utterly. Very few have ever failed with that approach. You may rise slowly, but you are sure to rise.”

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#Knowledge: What we practice at niftymillionaire! We find the place where a lot of people are going to be wrong!


“Fools trade every day to create opportunities for genius to have great risk-reward trade”

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