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One of the great things about the market is, the markets don’t care about you. The market doesn’t care what color you are. The markets don’t care if you are short or tall. They don’t care about anything. They don’t care whether you leave or stay…I met the guy who wrote this best seller now called, Bringing Down the House, it’s about these MIT guys who beat the blackjack tables. And part of the problem, if you’re going to be a blackjack counter is that the casinos don’t like you. They actively don’t like you. And they come and tell you in rather strong things to take your business away. Well, the beautiful thing about the markets, they don’t like you, they don’t dislike you, they just don’t care. They are their everyday. You want to play, you can play. You don’t want to play, don’t play. And you can choose. You sit, there is no penalty. You know, when you stand you know…I don’t know how many of you play baseball…when your at bat if something comes through the strike[zone] if you don’t swing you still get a strike against you. But the markets are a no penalty game. You can stand there and wait. You can go home and wait. It doesn’t matter. And that’s really a terrific thing.

Larry Hite


Many traders take risks when they shouldn’t. They take on too much risk too easily by over sizing, risky bets, etc. They not only lose money but also tie up their time and money managing these trades, and the psychological price they pay is huge.

When the time comes to enter a trade – when the big opportunity shows up, they hesitate. They’ve been so frustrated with the poor performance of the previous trades they’re not able to pull the trigger when they really should.

A market is an opportunity-generating machine; we just have to wait for the right opportunity. Trading is as much a waiting game as it is anything else. Waiting for the opportunity and then waiting for the trade the trade to work.

-Andrew Menaker

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Accepting profits is easy.
But you cannot call yourself a trader unless you accept both profits and losses.

Follow your plan instead of moods.
You will be surprised by how many of your problems just suddenly disappear.

#Club update:

How stock operator think ? You can lead horse to water but you can not make him drink, its like operating stocks is easy but distributing is not. Stocks are manipulated to the highest point & then sold to the public on the way down.

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