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#Knowledge: Calculated Risk:

To use one’s mind to visualize possibilities, to work things out logically – to reach a conclusion – and then to act with strength and confidence – that’s what makes the human mind superior to all other species that dwell on this planet.

Calculated Risk lies at the center of every great achievement since the dawn of time .it builds nations and empires as well as financial fortunes.

The art of determining an existing price trend and to be able to follow it using
Calculated Risk is what, over time, amasses incredible profits in the markets.

No one – no one – knows what will happen in the future and once you fully realize and appreciate this fact – it’s like a huge weight is taken off your shoulders.

There are no guru’s, no Holy Grails, no guarantees – however, the ability to spot developing price trends in the markets (stock, bond, commodity and currency markets) and to get on board and ride it for everything it’s worth (until it eventually ends), is what creates untold fortunes.




Why the stock which makes breakout keep going up & the stock which is down or trade near low keep underperforming

Reason- when the stock makes new high no one in the loss so who will sell. No Supply
& when stock breaking low no one in profit so who will hold. No Demand
lets try below e.g


#Technical chart: BIOCON – Looks Good


#Knowledge: I request every one to watch this, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Talks About His Trading Style: Click Below.

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