Nifty millionaire Tribe the platform where you can share your experience in the market with every trader of the niftymillionaire family member. this platform has potential to make you the successful investor in the market if you properly follow the mindset of the traders and professional traders.

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#Club update:

This is trading —
You fall, you fail, but after some time, you learn. And eventually, you master.

Then the newbies watch you from the outside, jaw hanging. Because you make trading look so simple.


“Most successful speculators have success rates of 35 to 50 percent. They are not successful because they predict prices well. They are successful because the size of their profitable trades far exceeds the size of their losses. This requires tremendous internal control.” – Van Tharp

#Club update:

Your role as a trader is to wait for YOUR trading setup.

The big money is made by sitting on your positions — and not forcing trades out of boredom.

#Club Update:

Initially, YOU work on researching and placing your trade. But then, your trade works for you.

Just like an employee, either it does a good job, or it doesn’t —and if it doesn’t, you fire it (cut your losses).

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#Club update:

The day you learn to say “I don’t know” will be the day the markets will start to shower profits on you.

Get rid of your EGO!


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