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#Club update:

How to sell better

-Be in a good mood

How to be more charming

-Be in a good mood

How to be more persuasive

-Be in a good mood

=Simple, as it is, being good-natured and positive enhances your impact massively


Someone had been to Ladakh for a week-long family trip. Their local driver was a 28-year old chap named Jigmet. Jigme’s family consists of his parents, wife & two small girls!

This was the conversation with Jigmet, during their journey in deep Himalayan Ranges!

Prashant -: At the end of this week tourist season in Ladakh will end. Are you planning to go to Goa, the way Nepali workers from Hotels do?

Jigmet -: No, I am a local Ladakhi, so I won’t go anywhere in winter!

Prashant -: What work will you do in winter?

Jigmet -: Nothing will sit quietly at home (chuckles & winks!)

Prashant -: For six months, up to next April?

Jigmet -: I have one option for working. It’s to go to Siachen!

Prashant: Siachen? What will you do there?

Jigmet -: Work as Loader for Indian Army!

Prashant -: You mean, you will join Indian Army as Jawan?

Jigmet -: No, I have crossed the age limit to join the Army. This is a contract job for Indian Army. With my few friends, also drivers, I will travel 265 kilometers to Siachen Base Camp! My medical examination will be done there to check if I am fit enough for this job. If I am declared fit, then Army will issue us uniforms, shoes, warm clothing, helmets, etc, We will have to walk up mountains for 15 days to reach Siachen. There is no motorable road to reach Siachen. We will work there for 3 months!

Prashant -: What work will you do?

Jigmet -: It is of the loader. To carry the load on our back from one Chowky to other in Siachen. All supplies are airdropped there. We do the job of picking it up & carry it to Chowkies!

Prashant -: Why doesn’t the Army use Mules or vehicles for shifting of loads?

Jigmet -: Siachen is a glacier. Trucks or other vehicles will not work there. Ice scooters make too much sound, which will attract attention from enemy around there. Use of vehicle will result in firing from another side! We go out in the middle of the night, generally, around 2 am & pick up loads silently & bring back to barracks. We can’t even use a torch. Mules or horses cannot be used because at the altitude of 18,875 feet, in winter temperature of minus 50 degrees no animal will survive!

Prashant -: How can you lift the load on your back where oxygen levels are low?

Jigmet -: We carry a maximum 15 kgs at a time & we work maximum for 2 hours in a day. Rest of the time is for recouping!

Prashant -: That is very risky!

Jigmet -: Many of my friends died there. Some of them fell in bottomless crevasses. Some got shot down by enemy bullets. The biggest danger we have in Siachen is of frostbites, but it’s rewarding, We are paid Rs 18,000- per month. Since all expenses are taken care of, we can save around Rs 50,000- in these three months. This money is precious for my family, for my daughter’s education.& finally, I have the feeling that I am serving in the Indian Army, which means my nation!

The value of money & the life we have can be better understood after this exchange!


“I think it was a long step forward in my trading education when I realized at last that when old Mr. Partridge kept on telling the other customers, ‘Well, you know this is a bull market!’ he really meant to tell them that the big money was not in the individual fluctuations but in the main movements — that is, not in reading the tape but in sizing up the entire market and its trend.”

#Knowledge: Beyond Coping: The Inspiration Mindset

Let’s consider a key distinction: Being in a coping mindset versus being in an inspiration mindset.

The coping mindset is problem focused. It means tackling a difficult, stressful, and/or unpleasant situation and getting through to completion. The focus of a coping mindset is getting past a negative; getting through a disagreeable challenge. Coping mindset is what we experience during a subway delay or during an interminable contentious business meeting. Coping mindset is also what we experience when we have chores to tackle at home, responsibilities with family, and a backlog of demands from work.

The inspiration mindset is different. Whereas coping takes energy, inspiration gives energy. Inspiration is value focused. It follows from engaging in a meaningful activity, immersing ourselves in a greater vision or purpose. The focus of an inspiration mindset is appreciating a positive, finding affirmation through our actions and/or experiences. Inspiration is what we experience when we encounter a breathtaking vista or when we achieve a meaningful goal. The inspiration mindset is also what we experience when we find closeness in our relationships and a sense of purpose in our work.

Coping and inspiration mindsets are self-reinforcing. Others respond to the energy we project. If we come across as inspired, others are attracted to the meaning and fulfillment we radiate. If we are absorbed in coping, our negative vibe will attract a very different tribe.

What will inspire your day today? Your week? Coping is far better than not coping, but there is much more to life than getting through tasks and burdens. You know you’re on the right path when you find meaningful, energizing ways of tackling unpleasant responsibilities and challenges.

-by Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D.

#Club Update: 

Trust in your abilities and never doubt your potential to achieve. No matter how much negativity exists around you, you have the power to do wonderful, remarkable things.

When you think you can’t go on, force yourself to keep going. Your success is based on persistence, not luck.

#Club Update: Signs of becoming a Pro Trader:

-You start risking a very small amount of total equity per trade
-You execute Stop Loss without any question if triggered
-You stop believing in ‘Averaging Down’
-No of executed trades per month/year are getting smaller
-You stop hating/loving a stock




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