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An Attitude of Gratitude is about building a positive emotional bank. It keeps you centred and creates good energy. Positive energy and happiness will ultimately show up in your performance.

– More Words on Self Discipline: Self-discipline can be considered a type of selective training, creating new habits of thought, action and speech. It can also be task oriented and selective. Self-discipline is a positive effort, not denial The easiest way to think about self-discipline is WORDS. You can choose the words you say to yourself. So, it is a discipline in selecting your words and monitoring your thoughts.

– The law of attraction only works if you have no negatives. Say: “I will stalk my trades first” instead of “I will not make impulsive, reactive trades”. In the latter, all the brain hears is, “Make impulsive reactive trades.” It does not recognize words like “not” or “won’t”.

You can not have peak performance if there is negative energy flowing through you. If you can’t replace it with positive energy, replace it with a purple elephant. A Purple Elephant image goes a long ways towards blocking negative energy. Try it…

-Linda Raschke


“Nobody likes to fail, but there is a difference between a normal aversion to failure and an intense fear of failure. Aversion to failure motivates us to take necessary precautions and to work harder to achieve success. By contrast, intense fear of failure often handicaps us, making us reject failure so vigorously that we cannot take the risks that are necessary for growth. This fear not only compromises our performance but jeopardizes our overall psychological well-being. Failure is an inescapable part of life and a critically important part of any successful life. We learn to walk by falling, to talk by babbling, to shoot a basket by missing, and to colour the inside of a square by scribbling outside the box. Those who intensely fear to fail end up falling short of their potential. We either learn to fail or we fail to learn.”
― Tal Ben-Shahar


If on some level, good trading is dependant upon clear-thinking, patience, discipline, emotional resilience, focus, then meditation is one of the best ways to develop those qualities.

And hearing that you’re already reaping those benefits is truly a beautiful thing.


Things that HURT your trading:

Trading against trend
Trading without stops
Averaging losers

Things that HELP your trading:

Risk management
A focus on price
Tune out noise
Position sizing

#Knowledge: The Missing Got: Short Story

It all started one lazy Sunday afternoon in a small town near Toronto in Canada.

Two school-going friends had a crazy idea. They rounded up three goats from the neighbourhood and painted the number 1, 2 and 4 on their sides. That night they let the goats loose inside their school building.

The next morning, when the authorities entered the school, they could smell something was wrong. They soon saw goat droppings on the stairs and near the entrance and realized that some goats had entered the building.

A search was immediately launched and very soon, the three goats were found. But the authorities were worried, there was goat No. 3? They spent the rest of the day looking for goat No.3.

Gradually there was panic and frustration. The school declared classes off for the students for the rest of the day. The teachers, helpers, guards, canteen staffs, boys were all busy looking for the goat No. 3, which, of course, was never found.

Simply because it did not exist.

Those among us who in spite of having a good life are always feeling a “lack of fulfilment” are actually looking for the elusive, missing, non-existent goat No.3.

Whatever the area of complaint or search or dissatisfaction may be – relationship, job-satisfaction, materialistic achievement……

An absence of something is always larger than the presence of many other things.

Stop worrying about goat No.3


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