What is Gambling? and What is Investing?

Majority of investors/traders always look to earn maximum money from the stock market. And at this point, they start gambling.

As a Standard dictionary defines Investing and Gambling, Gambling is play game at any opportunity. It can risk your money or anything of value. For e.g. you do trades for 20-25 points but at the same time, you are taking risk of 50-70 points.

Whereas investing is defined in the same dictionary as to put the money to use by purchase or expenditure.


Effects of Gambling and Investing:

This all happens because traders do not follow proper risk and money management.

Because when you gamble you own nothing, but when you invest in stocks you own the shares of that company. Whenever you enter the market you always think about how will you get maximum profits? You never think for what will you do if you had to face losses?

This all problems happen because of your emotions. The imbalance of your emotions increases these problems. As majority traders do not know that how much they need to invest in the market. Your emotions always drive you. When you are very much happy then you will take a huge quantity and if you are upset about something then you will take less quantity. Because of this mood swing sometimes you are not able to grab the good opportunities because no one knows that which trade will give us the whole year’s earning…

But instead of gambling if you invest in the stock market then, you first think about how much risk you can bear? And according to your risk, you decide how much to invest? When to invest? Etc…


What Niftymillionaire members Do?

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