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Investor psychology is one of the most important — and most unpredictable — factors of all. The investor always gets too optimistic and puts prices too high, or gets too pessimistic and sets them too low.

The cycle of fear and greed is undefeated in the markets.


The only way to build wealth is to have a gap between your ego and your income.

The goal of investing isn’t to minimize boredom, it’s to maximize returns.

It’s easier to lie with numbers than words. As the saying goes, more fiction has been written in Excel than Word.

Your circle of competence is smaller than you think. Your susceptibility to bias is larger than you think.

Reducing your desires has the same effect as leveraging your assets, but with no downside risk.

Solutions to problems can be shockingly simple; Getting people to adhere to simple solutions can be shockingly difficult.

Debt removes options, savings add them.

Compounding requires absorbing damage so you’re never forced to quit

No one’s impressed with what you have


Understand that the things you read in the paper, see on Twitter, or hear on TV, are all popular knowledge — in game theory, this is knowns as common or mutual knowledge. The more widely known the information, the more likely it’s already been discounted by the market.

Markets lead the news… not the other way around.


I’ve no control over returns. I can control savings.
I’ve no control over outcome. I can control process.
I’ve no control over markets. I can control my own behavior.

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