Are you concerned for the current volatility of the market?

Actually not just you, every trader is concerned because of the current scenario of the market.


Rather than words, Let me show you the real examples.



This clearly shows that how the market creates traps for traders and then they got stuck.


Actually, the thing is to focus here is,

-Why are traders facing huge losses?

-Why retail traders got trapped in the market?

-Why are a few traders successful?





These all the questions have only one answer i.e,

Investor/Trader Management.


Trader management contains all the major factors are which affects the more in the market like Knowledge, Patience, Discipline.

Why these factors are very much important to the trading because trading or investing in the market without knowing about it, it means you are asking for your own failure.

You will think like why am I talking like this?

I am saying so because in any professional field, for eg. Doctor, C.A., Lawyer, Administrator, you need to have it’s certified degree the same way while Investing in the market you have to have ample knowledge about investing.

Along with knowledge, you have to have enough patience and discipline for getting big profits. Because in the market we all know entries and exits are much important. And also you have entered correct but you did not wait for the correct exit in your emotions.


On the basis of hypothetical eg. if you have entered at 100 rs. And you are getting 120 on the quantity of 1000. But actually who knows that this stock has potential to grow till 300 or 375. If you have held your position then your return can be 2.75 lakh rather than just 20 k.

So that’s why these 3 factors have major importance in your investing/trading in the stock market.  

But retail traders do not want to follow the process, as Trader management is itself a process. Instead of the following process, they want always the overnight success. Every trader wants to make 1 lakh to 10 lakh in just 1 month or might be in lesser time.

But in reality, the market gives success to only those traders or investors who follow the process of investing – successful investors/traders like Mr. Warren Buffett, Mr. Rakesh jhunjhunwala.

Even every trader wants to follow Mr. Warren Buffet or Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala but, let me open your eyes, by just following Mr. Rakesh Ji or his stock or portfolio, you will not be able to become next Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

To become successful investors like Rakesh Ji or Warren Ji you have to follow his mindset. For eg. as Mr. Rakesh jhunjhunwala earns huge profits in Titan, then every trader has started thinking like what a great profit Rakesh ji has made! I wish I could also able to make this much profits.

But no one is focusing that since how many years he is holding this position. This is not the overnight success, this is the result of the last 8-10 years patience.

But who wants to have patience like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala during trading! Everyone is only interested in profits to earn in a very short time.

That’s why market always tarps them early. This drawdown in the market is the actual opportunity to take more positions in the market. But every trader is highly afraid of losing money. That’s why this is truly said emotions drives trader’s investments in the stock market.

But at the last in conclusion, I wanted to share only one thing, i.e.

Follow the process and Become the Successful Trader.


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