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“Intelligence isn’t the top trait an investor needs to have. I would rank patience and discipline above brains.”– Eddy Elfenbein


Ralph Wanger was born in 1933, almost to the day of the bottom of the Great Depression. He went on to be not only a great investor but a great investment writer, sharing wit and wisdom in his quarterly shareholder letters.

Wanger once analogized the stock market to a man walking his dog in New York. The man has done the same walk for years, starting at Columbus Circle, strolling through Central Park, and ending at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The dog has boundless energy and never walks in a straight line. He leaps randomly from one direction to the next, stops to smell every leaf, barks at other dogs, and jumps on you for no reason.

At any moment, there is no predicting what the dog will do or which way he’ll leap. His movements are totally unpredictable. But you know he’s heading northeast at about three miles per hour, toward the museum, where he’ll eventually end up – because that’s where the owner is taking him.

What is astonishing,” Wanger said, “is that almost all investors, big and small, seem to have their eye on the dog, and not the owner.”

As you navigate your life as an investor, pay more attention to the owner (businesses) and less to the dog (markets).




When a stock goes from 100 to 500… typically 20 retail investors make 20 bucks each.

When a stock goes from 500 to 100… typically 1 retail investor loses 400 bucks.

No further comment needed.

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