Equity investors need to keep their money idle after booking profits. But this money will not grow as if it will be in their trading a/c only. They can transfer this money to their saving a/c to earn interest. But interest will be only around 4%. However, there is also transaction cost to transfer money from trading a/c to saving a/c.

That’s why they can invest in Liquid Bees. As investments in liquid bees eliminate this all extra costs. GS liquid bees are the first liquid ETF (exchange-traded fund). Recently the name is changed to Reliance Liquid Bees.

How To Buy Liquid Bees?

Liquid bees either can be bought directly from the NSE where it is traded. Or if you are buying direct from funds – mutual funds service systems. Then you have to buy a lot of 2500 in the multiple of 1 unit. Thus, your minimum investment will be (2500*1000) 2,50,000 rs. However, if you invest in NSE then you can buy 1 unit or in multiples but your investment will be only (1*1000) 1000 rs. Only.

Also if you want to redeem fractional unit by making direct application to the fund house, otherwise you have to redeem in the lot size of 2500 units.

Take a Look,


Returns from the Liquid bees.

You will find the price of liquid bees always motionless- rs. 1000. You are wondering that how this investment can earn returns where the price is not fluctuating. This is because gradually your returns increase as capital appreciation but as a daily dividend.

The Scheme in the last 5 years has given annualized 7.15% returns whereas in last 1 year funds have given returns of 6.41%. As well as Returns from liquid bees are not taxable as they are from dividends which are not subject to tax in hand of an investor.

How it is beneficial for equity investor:

Liquid Bees are majorly beneficial to equity investors when they are lying their capital idle in their trading a/c and is not earning interest. This generally happens because when there is no new investment opportunity or after booking profits from sales of stocks.

-Saves time
-Non-taxable returns
-Yield better returns than banks
-Current income with high volatility of stocks and low risk

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