Are you majorly suffering from EMI’s problem?

Aren’t you able to provide sufficient time to your personal life?

So, do you want to Say a GOODBYE TO EMIs?

Yes! Ok then, We will definitely discuss over how will you get rid of from EMI (Evil Monthly Income)

But first of all, tell me which kind of EMI is creating problems in your life?



And as we can see majority people are suffering from Home Loan EMIs and some are from the personal loan.

So now we will discuss how Home loan EMIs affects your life and your profession along with your fortune.

But before that let me share one story that can help you to understand that how should you manage your EMI burden? How should you budget yourself to manage all your expenses?

This story is about 2 people Prabhat & Ashish. Both are working in a reputed MNC with good salaries. Both owning,

Salary: 1.5 lakh p.m.

EMI: 75 k

Loan amount: 70 lakh

Tenure: 15 years

Both have a same financial situation but when Prabhat shares his personal financial condition it was like,

Salary: 1.5 lakh p.m.

EMI: 75 k

Passive income by having past investments: 53k

So here we can say that when Prabhat have to pay his EMI he just have to add 22k from his salary. Now Ashish has shared his financial condition i.e.,

Salary: 1.5 lakh p.m.

EMI: 75k

Passive Income for anywhere: No



So here is the simple difference between both colleagues, it is Prabhat has made investments in the past that’s why he has to take less burden of EMI and Where Ashish has never made any extra investments that’s why he has to pay his whole 75k EMI from his Salary only.

Therefore, passive incomes are most important than any other things. Along with this let me show you the reality that after paying 18 lakhs (75k*12= 9 lakh. 9 lakh *2 years = 18 lakh) to the bank after 2 years still, you have not paid more than 4 lakh to the bank.

This data shows that after 10 years when they have already paid 90 lakhs (9 lakh*10 years= 90 lakh) but their loan amount is actually paid only around 35.60 lakh. So this completely shows that bank has taken 55.40 lakh interest for 10 years. still, half of the amount is remaining to be paid.

Along with this much of burden, it comes along with this Pain Points,

-Constant pressure every month.

-Missing a single EMI disrupts many other expenses for coming 2-3 years.

-He has to work every day. No voluntary single day break for 15 years.

-He might lose his almost all the freedom.

-He is earning for banks.

-Appreciation in property prices but not benefited from it.


For eg, Prabhat’s home price is 1 crore so he has paid booking amount is 30 lakh and he has taken loan for 70 lakhs so by calculation he has already paid 70 lakh*15 years = 1.5 crore and 30 lakh to the builder so actually he has paid 1.8 crores and his home’s value is 1 crore! And let’s think if it gets appreciated then in 15 years it is around 180% / 15 years =  12% appreciation every year. And as we all know that, no property can appreciate 12 % continuously every year.


So this is how EMI’s (Evil Monthly Installment) can affect your personal and professional lives.

To get rid of from this burden & pain Points you have to generate a passive income (second income). That can help you to diversify your EMIs as Prabhat is doing in his life. And if you don’t create any passive income then you will face problems like Ashish is facing.

But now you might be thinking that how passive income will possible? How to create passive income?

To create the passive income you have to budget yourself. Yes, budgeting is the only solution which can help you to create passive income. Because we do budgeting for telephone bills, medicines bill, income tax, school fees etc.

Have you ever think if you will not pay your child’s schools fees then what? Never thought for this right? Because this will be never going to happen because you always do budgeting for all these expenses.

But along with this, you have to budget yourself too i.e. to start your own business, your own dream home, have you ever thought for paying your loan in just 3 years rather than 7 years, etc.

This is call budgeting. These all the things can take place in reality but only after when you do proper budgeting and create the successful passive income.

The secret to creating the successful passive income is as much investment asset as it necessary to generate income that can pay for your liabilities.

As there are 2 types of income both are coming for investments,

1. Running Income: Taking rent from the 2nd house is your running income.

2. Asset Income: you have a second house but you don’t provide it for rent then it is asset income which means it is your liabilities. That you are getting nothing from it.

This clearly shows that passive income can generate only with the help of running income i.e. rent, stock market investments, etc.

And if we focus on rent income to create passive income then, first of all, we have to focus that everyone cannot be able to afford 2 houses.

Why am I talking about 2 houses? because if you want rent income as passive income then you need 2 houses, 1 in which you will stay and from the second house you can earn rent (passive income)?

But because some monetary restriction (not able to afford) majority people choose stock market investments as passive income.

Because the stock market is the only place where you can earn whatever you want.

So if you are taking care of your emotions, greed, etc. then you can gain potential to become the successful investor in the stock market.

Also, it will make you easy to deal with EMIs, and many more other liabilities…as you start earning profits.. 🙂

So this shows that how your mindset can affect your portfolio in the market.

Why I am saying so, because the burden as we discussed above, also EMIs and many more liabilities make you impatient to earn maximum from the market.      

And during this restlessness, there are maximum possibilities that you might take wrong decisions for your investments or for managing your risk, managing your money, etc.

Because when you are in a good mood when you take huge quantity and when you are in a bad mood, then you take small quantities but as I always say, no one knows about which trade will give you whole year’s earning!

That’s why to solve your this kind of concerns Nifty millionaire has developed one platform called – ProfitGyan – India’s First Risk and Money Management Platform.

This platform will help you to decide quantities according to your capital. It will help you to manage your risk as it takes risk according to your quantity only i.e. around 2-3%.  


ProfitGyan platform will help you,


-To become more disciplined

-It will prevent you to do over trading

-It will give you the guarantee that you will never lose your whole capital because of 1 stock or trade.

-With the help of patience, this platform will guide you to regain your lost portfolio.

Even you can directly able to get connected with professional traders, also with the traders who are working with you the same platform.

You will have the opportunity to share your ideas, your views on the platform where everyone can learn something from you. Through this platform professional traders able to give you on-demand guidance on your every investment.

Also, you can able to restructure your portfolio with the help of professional traders. This platform will give you relieve from the most important problem i.e. transparency.

Because as from my experience and as I discussed with many clients that what is the biggest problem that you are facing in the market.

You will get shocked after knowing the answer. As they shared that they have no problem with if they will face loss in 2-3 trades but the problem is transparency. Everyone discussing only one thing that they will help you to earn double the amount, etc.

But here, first of all, you have to see on the other side of the coin. If they can give you almost 100% returns in a month, then don’t you think so that they also should make investments? Do you ever question them that why they are not making investments?

Think twice before taking anyone’s help (Trap)

So this shows how other advisories traps you. They always prepare your mind to give money to them. That’s why to prevent you from this kind of advisories nifty millionaire has developed this platform – Niftymillionaire Tribe – Your Social Investment Network.

Niftymillionaire Tribe, the platform,

-It will give you Personalized Assistance.


-No need to watch market continuously, you just need to spend 15-30 min a week

-It will help you to reduce sleepless nights consecutively.

Helps you to enhance your knowledge in the market.

-It will help you to sharp your Technical studies through discussion on technical charts.


I hope now you understood that why majority people choose to invest in the stock market?

By Investing in the stock market, they can able to create a sustainable and reliable Passive Income (second income). This Passive Income will help you to manage their EMIs and their personal and professional lives.  

Also with the help of these Platforms i.e. ProfitGyan & Niftymillionaire Tribe along with the under observation of professional traders, they will find an easy way to invest in the stock market and. Along with they can easily able to create the Passive Income.

They will get relief from EMI (Evil Monthly Installments).

*Professional investors/trader on niftymillionaire platform is Bindul shah. (Sebi Registered) Sebi Registration : INH000003663 (Bindul shah Sebi Registration : INH000003663)

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