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The truth about financial services-

Relationship Manager kill Retail clients in the lust of Brokerage doing FNO!

Wealth Managers only sell the product which gives them highest fees (Mostly missing)

Corporate banker mostly have a quid-pro-quo!

Most advisory companies sell Junk(Intraday) (Source: Twitter)



A Trader Who Has a Good Chance at Success Has the Following Attributes :
Is properly capitalized
Treats trading like a business
Has a low tolerance for risk
Trades only when the market provides an opportunity
Can control emotions Have a trading plan
Have a risk management plan
Is incredibly disciplined
Is focused
Does backtest his trading methodology


A Trader Who Has a Good Chance at Failure Has Any of
the Following Attributes: Is undercapitalized
Lacks discipline
Does not understand the markets
Rushes into trades
Chases the market
Is afraid of missing a move
Is stubborn and marries a position or idea
Misinterprets news
Is always looking for home runs
Lets losers get too big
Takes winners prematurely
Takes trading too lightly
Takes large risks
Has little control of his emotions

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