We all wants to become rich! any how! any ways! on the same concern we have organised seminar in Surat on 20/8/2017 Sunday. Summary of the seminar which will help you too, as how you be become rich via stock market? 

Why we want you to become rich via stock market?

The topic it self shows that why we were there? As we all know, every common man looking for an extra income. and it can be possible only through if you do another business along with your existing, inheritance  property, Fixed deposits, Recurring. Do you think this will going to help you to create an extra income? And actually if you have think for F.D. and Recurring , so in that also you are taking risk. but that is indirect! as you are already fighting with inflation, the biggest problem of our financial life.

As if you know about Reliance mutual fund.. The best fund ever with 21% – 22% average p.a. ,But as Mr. Sunil Singhaniya  regretted that just 2% investor has gained, other 98 % has lost!! But still retail traders are doing same mistakes as they are not able to accept their mistakes. as Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, Ed seykota, Rakesh jhunjhunwala what they have did in their trading life..they have always accepted losses when they made mistakes. And after that they are at this level. Most important topic of seminar’s discussion was about capital. Like, every one has financial capital.. but no is focused about Mental capital. With out this your end results will never going to changed.

Do you know what is the meaning of Big Bets? When Fundamental, Technical & Market tone get to gather in any situation then, that will be your turning point of your trading life. But one of the most important this is that ALLOCATION. if you find Big Bet, but you have just invested 2% – 5% of your overall capital then it will not going to make any big change in your investing. Eg. Bharti airtel. when reliance Jio came with FREE offer, the biggest competition! every one was thinking about all the other telecom companies will shutdown. But after this much of crisis Bharti has managed its balance in the market, and in Investment with just 18 k  to 21 k stop loss we have managed to gain 3 lakhs. But this will not going to happen if there is no proper allocation of capital.

As allocation is important, the same way, Mentality of any trader is that much imp. As retail traders = Sheep. We all know sheep has herd mentality. they do what has done by other sheep. Like that retailers always in search for sure shot calls, no loss, making quick money. But there is no way for making quick money. As we all wanted to follow successful traders / investors like Warren Buffet, Rakesh jhunjhunwala e.t.c. Right? But can you tell me have you ever thought that, to climb this level in the market how much pain, struggle, they have taken? No one is interested in that!!..and reality is, if we are talking about Mr. Warren Buffet, his annual average compounding return is 26%. But our retail traders want yearly 40-50% return consistentlyBig Joke !! right!! 😛 😛

Yes! now let me focus on your decision taking behavior. Rational or Emotional? Which one?.. think your own for this. Let me give you one eg. tell me, if I would tell you which stock you will buy Tata Steel or Caplin Point? I am sure 90% from you have chosen for Tata Steel. right? but can you tell me why you have chosen Tata Steel…let me give you the answer, we all are very much familiar with Tata Steel and very few i mean just 5-10% will know about Caplin Point.. so what does this call? this is simply an emotional decision. So please get out of this, and take rational decision, it should be on fundamentally, technically and market tone. 

Loser average Loser !! What we do? same thing? tell me one thing, in your business or your job place which kind of employees are allowed who are bringing profits in last 5 years data or who are loss maker? Absolutely Profit maker!!

But think in your trading portfolio who is there? Losers? That is the important thing that we start loving our loser stocks and making hope i.e. they will come in profits or even cost to cost. but nothing is happening and will find a huge loss.

As we have discussed about trader’s mindset that retail trader’s opinion is strong for any particular trade they will hold it strongly even if it started declining. But instead of retailers, successful traders will do different in the same situation as if their opinion is strong then they will hold it, but when it started declining they will take exit from it.

Although, Retail traders are facing many more problems like Emotional control over trading, accepting losses, switching strategy (window shopping), Fear of loosing profit and also greed for not booking loss. But for all this kind of problems they have to overcome, if they did not then they will never able to come in 5% successful traders.

But to overcome problems, 5% successful traders, profit & loss, this all the things happen when you will SURVIVE in this market. we have did survey on survival that maximum traders remove them selves from the market by their own. As they have no discipline for allocating capital, exit timing, holding profits , cutting losses..nothing can be done by them and they wipe out their capital. But for that Nifty Millionaire has taken initiative.

See this how Profitgyan is going to change your and many number of traders/ investor’s trading life.

So have you realize how Profitgyan will going to help you, will take all the responsibility to give you perfect allocation of your capital on the basis of Risk Management as per your capital. Profitgyan is going to guide you that how Risk and money management are important.

Alpha!! Do you know what is alpha? You have that edge (alpha) with you always. You just need to analyse it on micro as well as macro basis. As just technical analysis is not going to help you. you have to go in depth analysis for fundamentals. That will be your Edge (Alpha). Because just P/V ratios and EPS is not going to help you. Then what?? might be you are thinking the same right? OK let me clear in detail, as in Nifty millionaire We do fundamental analysis like we will take review of product, analyse demand of that product, directly meeting with management, even though if necessary then we will going to use that particular product. like this you also have to find all the concerns as you also have to concern for price that how does it changes? Majority of the prices are changing on the basic of 40% Market, 30% sector, 30% stock itself. When this 3 are in positive than that will be your big BET as we discussed before.

Now let me remind you once again about Bubble. Still are you unaware of bubble in stock market? Please get in yourself it will help you to understand market more easily.

Do you know How Professional traders are able to do depth analysis like direct connection with particular company and all, as they have wide NETWORK. You (retail traders) also can able to create wider network easily through Nifty Millionaire tribe.  

*Professional investors/trader on niftymillionaire platform is Bindul shah. (Sebi Registered) Sebi Registration : INH000003663 (Bindul shah Sebi Registration : INH000003663)

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