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In Our portfolio we are 65-75% cash. In Bull market Make sure you will get plenty of opportunity to own good stocks. You should have favorable risk reward. We will wait until trend resume to deploy further investment. Please never be greedy !

#Knowledge : In WORKING ON OURSELVES, next essential thing required to become successful trader is PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

Why is personal responsibility so important? One of my beliefs is that YOU are the most important factor in your trading. It’s not your system because YOU both produce and execute your system. It’s not position sizing because YOU must execute the proper position sizing algorithm to produce results to meet YOUR objectives. And it’s not the market, because you don’t really trade the market, YOU trade YOUR BELIEFS about the market.

You produce the results you get as a trader. When you understand that, you realize that you must make changes if you want more effective results. YOU must produce the changes.
Do you like the results you produced as a trader in the last 12 months?
If not, what mistakes did you make and how can

You correct them? Ask yourself the following:
1. Do I have a business plan to guide my trading?
2. Do I have a worst-case contingency plan?
3. Do I have several positive expectancy systems that are well tested for this market climate that I can trade?
4. Do I have something else that will work if the market type changes?
5. Do I even pay attention to the type of market we are having?
6. Do I regularly work on myself as the core of my trading results?

If you answered no to any of those questions, you have some real clues about why you got results you didn’t like in the past. These, by the way, are only a few of the questions you could ask yourself.

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You already know that a committed person with a clear goal will encounter an obstacle, refocus on the goal, and move out again toward the goal. Dealing with the market has many such periods. To profit from the up periods, you have to tolerate or even enjoy the down periods; to enjoy the profits, you have to get through the losses.

Perhaps it would be useful if you could celebrate your losses. It turns out that one of the major problems people have in going from their current location to their desired goal is all the walls or obstacles they run into each day. There is a common solution to these obstacles: Make them okay. If you enjoy bumping into the walls, it is usually easy to refocus on the goal.

If you’re in the market, one of biggest obstacles you’ll face is the wall of losses. It’s fairly difficult dealing with the markets if you are not willing to lose. It’s actually almost impossible. It’s like walking but wanting to use only your left foot, avoiding your right foot. That doesn’t work, and neither does trading without losses.


Good traders realize that they can have 10 to 20 losses in a row. It’s part of the business of trading. It happens, so just accept it and move on. If you have trouble accepting it, you need to realize that the problem is you and deal with that.

Good traders typically have some point in the markets at which they know they must get out of a position to preserve their capital. Taking this loss is essential. It preserves your capital, and so you should enjoy doing it.


# Knowledge : Draw down Diagnosis: Understanding Why You Are Losing Money!

When you experience a drawdown in your profitability, the most important thing you can do is accurately diagnose what is going on.  There are three possibilities:

1)  Nothing is going on – The draw down is normal and expected for you and your trading approach. You don’t want to overreact to every losing period and continually change what you’re doing; otherwise, you’d never build expertise in any particular trading modality.

2)  Market have changed – This is clearest when you identify shifts in market trends, volatility, and correlation over the period of your draw down.  young traders have not lived through rising rate regimes and could be surprised by changing market patterns. If your draw down correlates with such a period of market change, some adaptation is in order.  Not all trading problems are psychological in origin.

3)  You are trading poorly -If you know what you do well when you are making money, you’re most likely to be able to identify when you deviate from those strengths.

Markets continually challenge us, and that is what prods us to continually change. Some of the greatest and most constructive changes in people’s trading have been inspired by the most painful losses.

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