SLACK is where the daily interaction happens about what sectors , which stocks will be buy or sell with depth understanding of technical & In depth Learning session over Trading psychology. We take proud in our diverse and always helpful member community which includes Professional traders. 

Niftymillionaire Members have traded in so many stocks but with good risk & reward ration. as they have bought  VRL at 311.80 & sold at 340 and also in BALAJITELE bought at 92.80, Currently quoting at 134.30. as both have traded like this in niftymillionaire tribe.


Along with this our community members are going to initiate in this one also. how they will invest.. as, you all can see this stock was on 14th January 2016 around 2660 at that time we have entered and hold it till 4074 on 8th September 2016. and it goes up to 53.15%This again started reversal and at that time we have sold it around 3105 on 26th December 2016 and bought again on 15th May 2017. at that time it goes up again 44.92%. still it is in our holding and also our community members are going to initiate new buy in this stock. This stock is again giving buying opportunity. It has been revealed to Niftymillionaire Tribe Member Community. Below is Chart of that stock


Community Member Bought Below stocks Again today. You can also get to know below stock if you are part of niftymillionaire tribe community. 

Last few weeks lots of new Member from all over joined Niftymillionaire Tribe Community. Check screenshot below 



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