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#Knowledge :

” A sleepwalking trader gives his losing trades “more time to work out,” while they slowly destroy his account. A sleepwalker hopes and dreams. He sits on a loss and says, “This stock is coming back; it always did.” Winners accept occasional losses, take them, and move on. Losers postpone taking losses.

A sleepwalking trader buys at 35 and puts in a stop at 32. The stock sinks to 33, and he says, “I’ll give it a little more room.” He moves his stop down to 30. –That is a fatal mistake—he has breached his discipline and violated his own plan.


Turning a losing trade into an “investment” is a common disease among small private traders, but some institutional traders also suffer from it. If you are losing in the beginning, you’ll lose in the end. Do not put off the hour of reckoning. The first loss is the best loss—this is the rule of those of us who trade with our eyes open.”  – Dr. Sagar

#Knowledge  :

Successful traders are sharp, curious, and unassuming people. Most have been through losing periods. They graduated from the school of hard knocks, and that experience helped smooth their rough edges. Successful traders are self-assured but never arrogant. They trust their skills and trading methods, but keep their eyes and ears open for new developments. Confident and attentive, calm and flexible, successful traders are fun to be with.

Lazy traders are the favorite victims of the market, which keeps throwing new tricks at the unprepared. Whatever your psychological flaws and fears, whatever your inner demons, whatever your hidden weaknesses and obsessions, the market will seek them out, find them, and use them against you, like a skilled wrestler uses his opponent’s own
weight to toss him to the ground.”

“Being a trader is a journey of self-discovery. Trade long enough, and you will face all your psychological handicaps—anxiety, greed, fear, anger, and sloth. Remember, you’re not in the markets for psychotherapy; self-discovery is a byproduct, not the goal of trading.

Healthy trading boils down to two questions you need to ask in every
trade: “What is my profit target?” and “How will I protect my capital?” A good trader accepts full responsibility for the outcome of every trade. You cannot blame others for taking your money. You have to improve your trading plans and methods of money management. It will take time, and it will take discipline.” – Dr. Sagar

#Actionableideas : 

April17 Reliance Growth Fund NAV crosses 1000. Hundred times growth in 21 yrs. Real long term wealth creation @Reliance_MF @SunilBSinghania LongTerm Investing = Wealth Creation Reliance Growth Fund NAV crosses 1000.
900 – Sep16
750 – Nov14
500 – Sep10
100 – Nov 04
10 – Oct 1995

Sad part of this only 2% investor made money after this much return why?? Everyone should understand this to create wealth? India working with best fund manager and only 2% made money. Those 98% come with expectation of quick money and did not have patience or knowledge of market behaviour. #mindset think nahi hone ka result losing opportunity of 100 time ! They have blamed reliance fund for giving them loss but reality is different.

#Knowledge : 

Financial Lesson:

Once God was very pleased by a stock trader.

He gave him “darshan” and asked him to ask for 3 “things” “Any 3!!!” That trader was very wise and non-greedy! He said, “God! pl give me those 3 secret lessons which will make me the best trader in the world.” God, as usual, tested his disciple shrewdly.

He said, “Son! I am very happy with you. Ask for something big!” The trader was shrewd as well. He didn’t want something from the treasure. He wanted the password of the treasure! God too was adament. He tried a few times to convince the disciple to ask for something else. But the disciple didn’t move.

Finally, the God had to relent!

He gave him the 3 secret lessons which made the trader a great trader, the best in the world!!!

Those 3 secrets were:-

1) There is nothing called free lunch!

2) Knowledge is power!

3) Money speaks!

Many interpretations are possible and all have profound implications in stock trading!

1) There is nothing called free lunch!

= No gain without pain!

= Nothing ventured nothing gained!

= No profit without loss!

= No results without efforts!

= No trade without risk!

2) Knowledge is power!

= More info you have about fundamentals better estimate you can make!

= More Technical Analyses you learn better you can estimate!

= Confidence comes from knowledge & experience

= Patience comes from knowledge & experience

3) Money speaks!

= If you don’t have margin, you can’t trade futures!

= More principal you have to invest, more you can earn with same % profit!

= The more buffer funds you have , bigger and more risks you can take!

#Clubupdate : 

Discipline is only thing that stopping retail investors to grow their money. This initiative is to make ur trading professional , risk/reward will automatically work in ur favor if you are discipline.

For this we have taken this initiative : Personalize portfoliyo management through “PROFIT GYAN” 

We will be starting beta project on personalized portfolio management (Risk & money management auto calculated) We have remove all decision making process from your investment & trading ! You just need to execute timely.

#Knowledge : 

“As a Trader you do not have any control on the market.”

DEFENCE AS STOP-LOSS & CONTINGENCY PLAN TO MANAGE THE TRADE are the only options you have in your controll. Trader has control over : RISK, TIME, COST, EMOTIONS. Do not have control over RETURNS.

Commitment over tested strategy is most crucial for a disciplined trader. A good trading strategy attributes three basic ingredients. ENTRY POINT, STOP LOSS MECHANISM & MANAGEMENT OF TRADE AFTER ENTERING THE TRADE. – Mr. Vivek

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