I am Abishek working at Niftymillionaire and serving stock market traders. In the long span of my financial career, recently we again had to make a difficult decision which did not end at the usual/expected note and I chose to talk about it today.

Let me share this story and you will get the clarity of what I am talking about here.

Mr. Singh from Punjab called us last Friday. His friend had referred him our name and then he also read about us in newspapers. He wanted to join and start working with us. He had made huge losses in past and now wanted to get intra day tips so that he can make money on daily basis and recover his losses. He wanted to make gains however his mindset was not prepared to make consistent profits. We tried to make him understand how he should take the further course of action however he was sort of adamant about what he was looking for and we had to say – No to him, consequently we upfront suggested him not to go for our membership.

We are here for a long term relationship with every individual. One should not join us because he heard about us from various sources. They should first clearly understand that how Niftymillionaire can make an impact in their Financial Life. Many individuals have this habit of buying some useful stuff without giving a second thought and later when they do not find it serving their purpose; realise that they have wasted their money or time or both. This is called Anchoring psychological bias. We want people not to make the same mistake and our relation should not prove to be another disaster in one’s life.

This is not the first time; we had to do that with someone. In past, few traders have knocked our door with some other specific demands like sure shot returns, 5-10% fixed returns every month, free trial, monthly membership, etc and unfortunately we had to say – NO.

It’s not that we don’t want to help these people whom we say – No. It’s just that those things do not work in the market. More than 90% traders are losing their money in the market because they never accept this fact that they need to change themselves and not the market. Just mastering the Technical and Fundamental of the market, one can make money, is just a myth.

I hence thought to write that what might be the reasons because of which it won’t be a wise decision for you to be a part of Niftymillionaire Club. The reasons are as follows:

  • If you are looking for advisory/analyst tips We don’t provide any kind of tips. We in fact don’t believe in Tips system as it is a consequence of predictions done by so called market experts. Now you understand clearly we don’t prefer and suggest anyone to go for predictions in the market.


 In stock markets analysis does not work, but the jobs of the analysts are always secured. If they would have been so expert, they would be buying stock, not selling advice.”


  • If you are looking for sure shot/guaranteed returns – Nothing called Sure Shot exist in this market. It’s not our rule; it’s a universal truth regarding the market. Not even the smallest return is guaranteed here.


  You have stock market declines. If you do not understand that’s going to happen, then you’re not ready, you won’t do well in the market.


  • If your focus is more number of trades not bigger profits – Some believe that more trade means more profit however this is not even 1% right. A trader from USA traded 400 times in year. He made profit for 393 times and loss only for 7 times still after a year he was into losses. It is very clear from the story that more accuracy does not justify big profits and we don’t work for trades here in fact more into making big profits.


     Investment opportunities don’t come daily. However, the noise of the market offer mis-priced securities from time to time.


  • If you want to earn income, do not want to make wealth – It sounds confusing but income and wealth both are different. One requires both. Most of the people here just focus on sources of income and don’t even think about wealth. When they require big fund to fulfil their dreams – House, Children’s education, Daughter’s marriage, they opt for loan and then for 10-15 years keep repaying huge interest amount on loans. Also income generation from the market is too tough as one has to completely focus on market.


          Rome was not built in a day, similarly wealth creation happens with time.


  • If you want to gamble in the market, not want to do serious business – Trading for us is a business and business is run with discipline and the right kind of psychology. If you gamble in the market, you are gambling with your life. One day if your luck is not in your favour, your hard earned money will shift to the traders with patience.


         It requires not only intelligence but also the emotional strength to be a good trader.”


The scenario at Niftymillionaire is changed now. More and more people are associating on a daily basis now. Especially after our success story has been published by these digital and print media portals:


After these milestones achieved people are seeing us as a portal which they can use to create wealth and fulfil their dreams. Who does not want to accomplish his/her desires? They are seeing Niftymillionaire as their long term partner for early retirement. They trust us blindly because for the first time in Indian Finance industry we have also put the Real Contract Notes on our website. For your reference of the same, click below:


We have also given a wonderful return of more than 250% in last 2 years and 8 months of our existence in this business taking our CAGR (average annual return) of around 59%. This shows our consistency. We have in fact beaten the best performing investment funds in Indian market. See the table below:


Since I discussed about the mindset because of which one should not join us, I also feel to highlight the advantages of working with us if one is prepared with the right mindset. Here is the list:

  • You have to just make one time investment of INR 1, 00,000.
  • You just have to spend 30 minutes per month behind your trading life.
  • You don’t need to look towards market, we are seating there for you.
  • Real time trades come from professional traders who are there in the market for more than 15 years. Since there fund is also invested in the same trade so they take all the precautions required before going for every trade.
  • We will provide you separate entry and exit so no miscommunication possible.
  • The trades come only during market hours.
  • Relief from huge losses as we make small losses (always put SL) and big gains.
  • Stress- Free and Tension-Less Trading
  • We provide you market related required info via webinars, phone, mails and other sources. Visit                                                                        youtube.com/user/niftymillionaire .

The beauty of our concept is – anyone can follow it in their trading life.

Compiling the crux of this write up what I want to say is:

  • If you are looking to be away from EMIs to purchase your DREAM HOUSE.
  • If you want any help so that you can send your kid for quality education.
  • If you are interested to create corpus for your early retirement.
  • If you desire to spend good time everyday with your family.
  • If you want to have enough money to sponsor your daughter’s dream wedding.
  • If you want huge fund for your own independent venture one day.

Or to fulfil other similar dreams, you have to use your money to make more money. This is called power of compounding. Along with it, one has to enter in stock market as it has a proven record of beating inflation in long run. Money management and Risk Management should never be compromised when working in stock market.

Niftymillionaire would prove to be one of the best choices for you when a goal oriented job has to be done in the market. You take the first step by joining us and we will help to turn your dream into reality for you. To proceed further, click:


Everything would be changed one day. When that one day will come, nobody knows but you have to prepare yourself from today for that special day of yours and your family.


Author: Abishek Raaman

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