Since childhood everybody even our less educated parents, relatives and other elders inspire us to learn as much as possible.

They not only talk about bookish knowledge in fact we are suggested to learn from time, surroundings, failures, the successful people especially those who belong to the industry we aspire to make our future into.

Then, why we don’t give the same kind of importance when it comes to learning about the share market which we have chose ourselves to improve our financial life?

How will you feel when you come to know that learning has all the secret of ensuring your profit from the stock market?

Of course investing your own fund and doing physical trading/investment actually makes a difference in your understanding of the market however even physical trading should be done not before a basic learning otherwise you get nothing in spite of losing your hard earned money.

I will tell you today how learning can be certainly a sure shot way to increase and multiply your profit.

I am Pratik Patel, CEO of Niftymillionaire. I started trading at the tender age of 16 and have been doing it for last 11 years now. I started from the scratch and have made a very good performing portfolio. It helped me to be known as a celebrity Nifty trader as of today.

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The learning process I am going to discuss has helped more than 600 traders to change the way they were trading before in the market.

I am trying to apply the same formula on more around 1100 people as of today.

Here is a small excerpt of an email sent by one of our club member –

“Good morning. It’s been a year since of my association with Nifty Millionaire club. And what a year it was. The end result is profit or Rs. 38375 in a year with investment of Rs. 70000. First of all, congratulations for finding profit making strategy and thanks at the same time for growing my money safely.

I hope to have our association for long. Please convey my regards to all your team mates, and Pratik Patel as well.”


These are the following ways most of them have got benefited after they started following my way of learning:

  • They are making consistent profit in the market.
  • They are making small losses now however overall they are into profit.
  • Their regular life is not disturbed.
  • They developed more patience and it has helped them to improve even their personal and to grow in their professional life.

I have many more points to write however I will suggest you to visit the page link listed below to get the real feel of the lifestyle few of these people are enjoying. They have shared these details themselves to our team members.

What different these people do being with me? What is that special with my way of learning in the market which in a way helps to find out a sure shot system of consistent profit generation from the market?

But before I will teach you my way of learning, we need to check why do you need to go for a new way of learning? As of today, 95% retail traders are losing in the stock market and only 5% are making consistent profit.

This is my thinking that when I am here to help you with a new way of learning which can help you be one among the 5% of profit making trader and that also I am teaching for free, why not?

When these more than 600 people who are associated with me, they can do it and they are very similar as you are, you can also do it. Anyway I am not teaching any rocket science here. It’s very simple however regular exercise to be done and that’s it.

Stock market learning can be divided into two kinds:

  • Technical knowledge
  • Trading temperament

Even, the greatest man of stock market Mr. Warren Buffet says,

“Temperament is more important than IQ. You need reasonable intelligence, but you absolutely have to have the right temperament. Otherwise, something will snap you.”

My observation says that technical knowledge and our temperament plays 80:20 rules here.

If any of you know 80:20 rules, it explains that 80% of the activities we do produce 20% of the outcome and remaining 20% activities we do produce 80% of the outcome.

I want you to focus here on the biggest mistake most of you are doing when it comes to trading related learning.

Elaborating the above quote by Warren Buffet, 80% contribution is made by our temperament and 20% by our technical knowledge when it comes to making money from the stock market.

However what we do is we invest 80% of our time in learning technical of the stock market and invest just 20% time for learning the Temperament or trading psychology.

Let me also share a brutal truth today with you which I am sharing for the first time publically.

You know there are more than 1700 people associated with my company out of which only around 600 of them are doing really good job however a maximum number of around 1100 are struggling.

You would be shocked to hear the big number of 1100 traders struggling in spite of they being with me and I am helping them the same way I am helping other successful 600 traders.

It’s the same reason because this large chunk is either not concerned about learning anything about trading and investment in stock market and those who are interested even they are trying to focus mostly or entirely on Technical Knowledge.

I and our team are helping with the same kind of educational videos, audios, emails, e-books, Webinars and today I am going to share the same content with you all for Free however unfortunately It’s their business and If they can’t involve themselves properly even we become helpless in that scenario.

If you are thinking the way of learning which I discussed above works with special type of people, that is not the case. Many of them are not able to grow the expected way because they are not able to improvise their Trading Psychology.

They are not able to either understand or execute the 80:20 rules, I talked about above.

In fact, the worst scenario is that even as of today 60% of the retail traders are taking as a gambling activity. Means, they are not investing time behind learning. They are wasting their hard earned money. They entirely depend upon their brokers or advisory firms.

There are a lot to be gained from this activity called Trading. Most of us only focus to make Profits from here ignoring other amazing learning which we can grab from here. Greed, hope, fear, instant gratification, patience, conviction, etc and the list is endless.

Understand one very serious point here; it’s your business, your money so you have to take a conscious responsibility and learn as much as possible for you.

This is the step-by-step way of learning you should do in the market:

  • Basic of technical
  • Start learning temperament
  • Start physical trading
  • Focus more and more on learning temperament along with physical trading
  • Go for advanced Technical skills

The portal where you can learn about Trading Temperament where I have personally ensured that each and every topic is included and discussed in detail and explained in simple language is:


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Author: Pratik Patel

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