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 “The Short Summary”

Prepared by: Abishek Raaman


This short and sweet E-book talks very basic and practical logic about the concept of achieving Financial Freedom.

The main attraction of the book is 6 Steps required for the freedom from the financial distress. The book stresses some points which we are not taking and should have been followed sincerely if we are looking for a visible improvement in our Financial status.

Almost every one of us dreams to own a dream house, luxury cars, early retirement life, to live life on our own terms, to start our own venture, etc.

When talking practically, we have seen that we keep waiting for a lucky time for us, when some magic will take place in our lives and things will change automatically.

This book enters here and clarifies why we find ourselves always away from achieving our dreams. It depicts the fact that our dreams fulfillment depends upon our choices.

The kind of steps we chose to proceed in our lives, they decide our future to be specified financial future. It does not depend at all upon our dreaming.

Hence, it suggests those necessary steps which we need to follow religiously till our financial future looks moving in the right direction. By the time, we get habituated of the routine we keep following and then we don’t need to worry.

This is how one can change one’s life making the right choices in life.

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