We have been discussing among colleagues, friends and at different platforms about Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of expression and many such freedoms.

Freedom in fact has become an integral part of our daily life. A kid asks for freedom from his daily school & tuition system, an employee asks for freedom from reporting to his boss daily. A housewife asks for freedom from daily domestic chores.

Everybody wants a freedom from routine life. They seek excitement, some uncertainty so that life can become interesting.

The least discussed freedom which can enable us to have as much as possible excitement in our life is – Financial Freedom.

Let us discuss few of these very important points related to the life of a common man:

  • Are you happy with the profession you are into? – Do you like what you do, are you good at it, do others respect you for it, do you find any purpose in doing it, do you take it as fun, do you feel that you are doing something you care about, you are passionate about, do you get out of your bed in the morning and feel happy about going to work because you feel good about what you do for your living and does that drive your interest?


  • Are you able to spend good time with your family & friends? – Do you get some time almost every day to have a conversation with your partner, are you able to take care of your parent’s health, do your kids hardly complaint about you not going for their school function, do you spend some time with your friends every week or so and are you able to maintain a periodical touch with your relatives?


  • Do you think that you are making some difference in the society? – Do you do something that really matters and positively influence someone’s life, is your work making a positive and substantial contribution to something bigger and do you sometimes do anything which puts smile on the face of those people whom you are not responsible for?


  • Are you able to invest in yourself? – Are you able to read good books which can improve your thought process, are you able to exercise on a regular basis so that you can be young till the old age, do you get some time weekly to pursue your hobby and are you able to upgrade yourself with required information?


There are various such thoughts which I can discuss here and you would be alarmed to see that the answer of most of these questions for you is NO.

If the answer is so, in that case, we are missing the quality part of life. We are just living a life which is filled with artificial happiness.

Every day we do a lot of such activities which we are not interested into however just to make others happy we keep moving with it. We are trying hard to balance the work-life scenario however things are not improving at all in fact in most cases it’s getting worse.

When we look at today’s scenario, due to burgeoning population, unemployment and inflation are very high in India. Govt. is trying hard, however the change will take very long and then too it’s not possible to generate jobs for such huge numbers.

Though every coming year, we are coming up with various policies to curb wrong doers of our society, crime rate is going high and higher. Most of the people are going through this short route as they are finding it hard to survive.

Stress level of even most of the employed and those who are earning good package is also on a high scale.

The increase in work hours over the past one decade means that less time will be spent with family, friends, and community as well as pursuing activities that one enjoys and taking the time to grow personally and spiritually.

The overwork culture and modern management techniques seduce millions of people to hand over the best part of their lives to their employer.

The psychological strain, which in turn affects the health, increases due to the strong pressure of time, but also by the complexity of work, growing responsibilities, concern for long-term existential protection and more.

Work has come to increasingly dominate Indian national life. What do they get in return for this hard work? – Stagnant wages, job insecurity, stress, exhaustion.

The coin has always got the 2 sides. The solution of such scenario does not seem feasible however we need to understand the approach to look for the right way of resolving this widespread destroyer of the mankind.

The solution of such a huge issue is when we will understand the value of our family, friends, our health, our children, our parents, our passion, purpose of our life, our own time, etc.

However the scenario as of today is even if we want to understand we either have no time for that, if have time due to financial issue we have to live the way we have been living till now and then there are few who does not have both.

Yes, if we have financial security, then certainly we will have both time and money available with us.

Financial Freedom will enable us to live a life of our own choice. We won’t be obliged to follow the instructions of our employer. We can work according to our time, our mood. We can choose the profile we want to work for. We can decide what kind of people we would like to spend our time with. We can have a good time with our family and friends. We can communicate to our parents regularly and can help them to lead a healthy and happy life. Most importantly, we can get involved with such work profile through which we create an impact in someone’s life. We would be serving a better and beautiful purpose in our life.

Bingoooo!…..If the above sentences becomes the reality of your life which is certain to happen through Financial freedom, you can’t even imagine that how fulfilling you will feel about your life and the way you will live to the expectations of your entire family.


Author: Abishek Raaman

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