All those who have ever thought to make such investments where they can make good returns keeping wealth creation in mind, they have been confused about whether they should go for Mutual fund or they can directly invest their savings into equity.

This video discusses advantages of mutual fund and related charges with it in detail. According to the video Equity has always proved to fight inflation in long term and it is also not too risky if done for long term so one should first put into Equity market and then in Mutual fund too as none of them are bad options.

The video discusses all the Technical Risk ratios related to Mutual Fund as they are main tools to decide the best possible mutual fund plan and these ratios are following:

Alpha, Beta, Standard Deviation, R-Squared, Sharpe Ratio, Expense Ratio.
Disadvantages of Mutual funds have also been mentioned. Then It talks about advantages of Equity investments and disadvantages of equity investments. To find out the better out of these two, common disadvantages are discussed and then purpose of investments help us to reach the desired outcome.

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